It is never too late for God to change your story!

John M
Ed, Thank you for following Gods plan for your life to touch mine. I am the father to three wonderful kids now and we are adopting a sibling group of three kids from Colombia soon. I want to thank you for the weekend conference at Kansas City and making a tough old running back cry like a baby! I am reading your material and plan to improve my fathering abilities through your help. God bless you and thanks again.

Pastor Daniel Park
"Ed came to our church in Torrance and we were so encouraged and educated. He was gentle, vulnerable, and powerful. The workbooks are now being used at our church, and our people jumped on it. Ed’s message speaks to all people in all stages of life, but I do love how he connects with men in such a relevant way."

Michael H.
Ed, thank you for the powerful message! The weight you lifted last night is far, far greater than any NFL record could come near! Seeing a room filled with men with arm’s outstretched to receive the will of God being called to be leaders, starting in their own homes was great! Micah 6:8 coming to life!

Arnie P.
I just wanted to take time to thank you for the message you delivered at the retreat last weekend. I coach football at Bishop Union High School and have been involved with Young Life and recently returned from Woodleaf Camp where my eyes were opened to the brokenness in our boys-- especially the scares left by the boy’s fathers. The Lord put me at that retreat and you spoke right to my heart. I pray daily to be put in contact with "orphans" and look forward to working in the mission field to rid the world of orphans. Thanks again.

Carol M
For forty years I have waited to hear a blessing from my Father (but he passed away 10 years ago. I just want to thank you for your obedience to the Lord and your ministry, which is so precious and necessary for these days. I love the fathers blessing in my life.

Joe C.
I found the Blessing of the Father Ministries on the Inspiration channel and Ed is a great evangelist. We are living in a broken world. It takes the small simple words you speak of having that father figure throughout our lives to change the way our kids are raised; it starts with one person being helped. It is also cool that Ed was in the NFL. This is powerful when people choose to follow God despite what others may think or how they may be viewed. Ed puts this all behind and gives God the glory. You are truly an inspiration. Thanks, ED

Donna W. B.
Ed came to Vineyard Church in Kansas City for Father’s Day and he was amazing. I never felt so loved and saved by another preacher. Hope he comes back soon.

C. West
I want to personally thank you for making a HUGE impact in my life this past weekend.  I have struggled all of my life with relationships.  Your message just affirmed that I need to love myself more and stop choosing men that at first seem to have my best interest at heart, but in the end, it is all about them.  I have struggled with choices in my life and I am so glad that we serve a forgiving God, because I have had to be forgiven, quite a bit.  I bought all of your Cd’s and I am looking forward to listening to them, over and over again.

Tom T.
Words cannot express the gratitude I feel in my heart for the message you brought tonight. I know like many others I could have been all alone in the room with just you and it all would still have been relevant. Losing my father at 8 and having my mother marry her career left a huge whole in my heart and my life. At every moment in my life where something big happened good or bad, I found myself asking "what would you say, dad?” or “what would think of me now, dad?" Never knowing or even feeling a connection. Over the years I found God and even there I could not "connect" wholly with Him because of that void. After last weekend, I find myself feeling like someone took the blinders off and I see a whole different God--one that loves me for who I am-completely. I feel the warmth of His smile on my face for the first time and I know I don't have to perform to get it. Without sounding overly corny-I love you man for bringing me the message you did and I am grateful that God brought forth in you all that He desired to reach those you come into contact with--you reached me and it changed me forever.

Jose A.
Because the message I heard from you, Ed, at a pastor’s retreat, my wife and I gave a ring to each of our children during the Christmas holidays and we blessed them prophetically as parents with God's vision and destiny for their lives, released them as adults and gave them the blessing of a father and a mother. Also for 55 years I had not been able to speak to my earthly father face-to-face. Yesterday, my dad and I went out to lunch. I am 55 and he is 83. I thanked him for all that he had done for me growing up and asked him to forgive me for the things which I did wrong growing up. The greatest Christmas gift has come to me this year. The total restoration and reconciliation with my four children and with my father. All glory to God and to your ministry.

Jennifer H.
Anyone who is feeling broken inside needs God. God spoke through Ed to me. Ed's word about the father is an amazing word. Thank You, Ed, for touching my heart. God Bless You and Your Family.

Al C.
The first time I was blessed by the ministry of Ed Tandy McGlasson was about 20 years ago at a Vineyard men’s conference in the mountains of central California. The conference was a new experience for the 60+ men in attendance and final night of the conference was extraordinary. Not only did we receive a call as men but God also humbled us. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I will never forget that night. I know it changed my life.

Michael S.
I am a father of two daughters and one son, ages 9, 5 and 10 months respectively. I struggle every day to be the man that God wants me to be and the father I know my children need. My grandmother gave me your book as a gift and I couldn’t believe the tears that began to well up inside me after I began to read the first few pages. I guess the whole reason I’m writing this is to say “thank you” for writing a book that keeps me motivated and helps me better understand my role.

M. Cairns
Thanks so much for spending time with the Grace Chapel family this weekend! Getting to meet and hang with you Friday and Saturday was indeed a blessing in my life. While my son was not with me this weekend, I still gained so much knowledge and tools to better our relationship. My view of my own father has improved considerably.

Sarah H
I grew up without my dad around and now my kids are growing up without their dads. I am going to show them how much God and I both love them and break this cycle of looking for love outside of God! Truly, an amazing message!

Steven A.
Ed Tandy McGlasson gives a great message on being a father in his book The Difference A Father Makes, which God placed in my hands a few years back – it challenged me to be the father that Jesus has called me to be.

Louis B.
Pastor Ed, thank you for the word you bought to us in South Africa. It blessed me and opened my eyes to the only truth that sets us free.

Tim S
This weekend was awesome to my mind. I have always known the Father loves me but after experiencing the wall of honor. The next morning I woke up in bed and heard God said to me that, “I am a Good Daddy.” I wept like a baby because as a single Dad it is hard for me to hear that he loved me. Thank you!

Kristin G
This was one of the most awesome experiences that I have ever endured. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family—God bless you Ed and your ministry. Keep it up!

Bryan N
Ed is Awesome; I am a 26-year-old father of 3 small children. I am excited to put into practice the book and the teaching that Ed shared with us. I love the way his humor, reality and his personal relationship with God.

Ed – Thank you for letting me watch the Lord work in my husband. You made me realize now fortunate I am to have him as the father of my children. You also gave me an appreciation for my father on earth too! God bless you!

You have touched my life so much. I have a father that has never said that he loves me. But I know in my heart that he does. After listening to your sermon, I accepted Christ as my Savior.

T. E.
Ed this message really changed my life. I had a father, but he never showed me love and told me so. I now know that even though he didn’t give me his blessing, I have a Father in Heaven who loves me and is for me.

Tammy H
Dear Ed, We just received your books today. I read it, I laughed, cried and was filled with joy all at the same time. Thank you for being a friend to me in all the hard times, most of all I want to Thank-You for being a friend to Brian, you have impacted his life in ways you will never know. I just want to say Thank-You, for that!!! My father never called me out, but through your book, my Heavenly Father has called me out, (He calls me Beloved One). That is Awesome! I will pass your book along to many people; they need to hear what you have to say. I Thank-God for using you in the way he has. Love you Ed... Your Strong-Willed Friend.

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