What Does a Dad Want on Father’s Day?

What Does a Dad Want on Father’s Day?

Often, as Father’s Day approaches, we think to ourselves: “What would Dad want for Father’s Day?”

Too often, we don’t put enough thought into it. We decide the answer is a funny necktie or a new electric razor; even worse, we might think all he wants is to be left alone to do whatever he wants. Just stock the fridge with beer, hand him the TV remote, and stay out of the way!

Fatherlessness has become such a strong force in our daily lives, to the point that many families are completely out of touch with what a father is looking for. He’s not looking to spend a selfish day by himself. He doesn’t want his family to feel obligated to “be really nice to Dad today.”

He wants to know that his family loves him and believes in him!

He wants to know that he is making a difference!

So what does your dad really want this father’s day?


Acknowledge the ways he’s been a good father

Deep in his heart, a father wants to know that he’s been doing a good job. Even if he hasn’t been a great dad, can you look past the mistakes by forgiving him? Can you focus on the positive parts of your relationship instead of the negative ones?

Men are proud, and many have been conditioned to never admit weakness. Every man was also a child once, and may have never learned how to be a great father. Tell him you appreciate the times he was there for you, the times he cared for you or shared his wisdom with you.


Make him feel like a hero

Even if they are valued by their family at home, many fathers don’t feel special in other parts of their life. At work, they may feel like just another cog in the machine, and internalize a lot of negative emotions.

He doesn’t want pity. He wants to know: does he inspire you? Do you admire him? He may not even realize all the little things he once did that had a profound impact on your life. Let him know all the ways he’s been a great role model for you! That is the most powerful way to speak life into your dad.


Give him your blessing!

Ed has met dads from all over the world that feel stuck as a father. They don’t feel worthy, they don’t feel good enough, and even though they might have trouble saying so, they feel like a failure. Every father has flaws, and it’s our job as children to forgive mistakes and help our fathers move past them. Forgiveness is God’s way of opening our hearts to one of His most powerful gifts: the blessing!

That goes for all of you, no exceptions. No retaliation. No sharp-tongued sarcasm. Instead, bless—that’s your job, to bless. You’ll be a blessing and also get a blessing.

 (1 Pet 3:9 MSG)


Many families have trouble with the first part of this verse; everyone feels that they need to get even, to make up for ways they have been wronged in the past. Even if your father has hurt you, even if he hasn’t earned it, even if he hasn’t asked for it… give him your blessing and your forgiveness!

May God give His Blessing to you and your family this Father’s Day!

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Published on June 19, 2017.

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