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Saturday, March 28, 2020 8:30 - 5:00pm

Blessing of The Father Ministries Presents 'Good Man, Good Father' Men's Event. March 28th

Most men want to be a great father, but many never had a present, loving father to show them how. Ed's message gives hope to men that it's never too late to become the husband and father their family needs. When that happens, families, communities, and churches change! 

This event will empower local churches with the tools to ignite their men's ministries and help equip men to become the husbands and fathers their families need. 

Location: FLDWRK Costa Mesa, 150 Paularino Ave Bldg B, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Time: March 28th 8:30am - 5:00pm All Day  Breakfast Snacks & Lunch Provided

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Men Will Learn How To:

  • Heal their relationship with their father
  • Restore your broken relationships with your kids and spouse 
  • Become the husband and father God has called you to be 
  • Build a legacy of love and blessing through his family 

"something profound happens inside the heart of a man when he learns that in Christ, he's not alone, and discovers the love and blessing of God the father for himself. So he can become the man, husband, and father his family needs."


"Your mens event touched me deeply as a man, father and husband. I went home and blessed my children, and reached out to my father who I have not been able to speak too for 55 years. Yesterday, my 83 year old dad and I went out to lunch. I blessed him thanking him for all that he had done for me growing up and asked him to forgive me. The greatest Christmas gift has come to me this year. The total restoration and reconciliation with my four children and with my father. All glory to God and to your ministry." Jose A.

"God restored me and my daughter last weekend. I can see the transformation occurring in my daughter Haley’s life since the church service Sunday morning. She bought a dozen of your Difference a Father Makes books and she’s been giving them out to friends in college. We’ve been having lunches and communicating again for the first time in years. This can only be of God’s hands. Thank you for coming and sharing this life-altering message." N. Smith

"Words cannot express the gratitude I feel in my heart for the message you brought tonight. Losing my father at 8 and having my mother marry her career left a huge whole in my heart and my life. After last weekend, I find myself feeling like someone took the blinders off and I see a whole different God--one that loves me for who I am-completely. I feel the warmth of His smile on my face for the first time and I know I don't have to perform to get it. Without sounding overly corny-I love you man for bringing me the message you did and I am grateful that God brought forth in you --you reached me and it changed me forever." Tom T.

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