What's REALLY holding you back? (POWERFUL VIDEO)

Have you ever felt like there was something you wanted to do, but just couldn’t quite make yourself do it? We call these ‘limiting beliefs’. They are those things that you subconsciously believe that affect how you think, do and say. Most of the time, these limiting beliefs are about ourselves and our identity.


Let me give you a few examples: “I can’t do that because…” “I am not good enough” “I don’t have what it takes…” “I could never…” In the book, “The War of Art”, Steven Pressfield calls it THE RESISTENCE.


As long as I’ve been a pastor, I’ve found that most often these limiting beliefs come from what your father did or didn’t say about you. Beloved, the words that your father speaks over you are supposed to speak life into God’s calling over your life, but for many of us—we never got that. Instead, we have a bunch of ideas about who we are THAT AREN’T BASED ON WHO GOD SAYS WE ARE.


As Easter approaches and we spend some time thinking about God’s goodness toward us, I want to focus in on one thing in particular. JESUS KNEW WHO HE WAS. The first time we here God the Father speak audibly over Jesus, He says, “This is My Beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased.” The Father spoke a Blessing over Jesus—Jesus knew who He was, and the Father confirmed it.


Jesus had EMPOWERING BELIEFS. He knew who He was and that enabled Him to do what He did – to go to the cross for you and me.

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Published on April 15, 2019.

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