The Proven Way to a Happy Familiy

A friend of mine told her boys’ only way of dealing with each other is, “If you did that to me, then I’m going to do this to you!” That is often our first reaction as parents as well, isn’t it? We think our kids need to get what they deserve in order to learn anything.

What if I told you there’s another way to deal with your kids when they don’t deserve your grace or forgiveness?

In today’s video, as always, I’m sharing tips to help your family thrive:

·    The way God deals with ‘giving us what we deserve’

·    How to teach your kids about forgiveness

·    One question you can ask your kids tonight to open the discussion on forgiveness

HERE IT IS! The second episode of my new weekly Christian Parenting show - THRIVING FAMILIES! God wants your family to do more than survive - he wants your family to THRIVE!
* be sure to leave us your Christian parenting questions in the comments we can answer in the coming weeks.

It's NEVER too late for God to change your family's story!
I want to see your life impacted the way mine has been.
I can only share so much in these video messages, so I created a full series called The Blessing of The Father for Families. I want to get it into your hands because you'll notice the huge difference it can make.
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"Ed came to our church in Torrance and we were so encouraged and educated. He was gentle, vulnerable, and powerful. The workbooks are now being used at our church, and our people jumped on it. Ed’s message speaks to all people in all stages of life, but I do love how he connects with men in such a relevant way." Pastor Daniel Park

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Published on September 13, 2018.

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