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The Tone of Success
Have you made the mistake of saying the right thing with the wrong tone of voice? I have. You end up with the opposite reaction than you wanted,...

Published on 09/05/2019

The Power of The Words We Speak 2
I remember watching my son, Lukas play baseball years ago. He was up to bat at a game and struck out. He was so upset, he walked back...

Published on 08/29/2019

Coaches Corner

Published on 08/28/2019

The Power Of The Words We Speak
Did you know that your words have the power to change your life and the lives of those you love? It’s true. Your words have the power to...

Published on 08/22/2019

The Secret To Become A Better Father.
Have you ever wondered why you end up doing and saying some of the same hurtful things your dad did to you? You know what I’m talking about....

Published on 08/15/2019

Operation Bless Up
  Did you receive a blessing from your dad? Today, I’m talking about what we do when we don’t get a blessing from our dad. I received a letter...

Published on 08/08/2019

What Every Dad Wants From His Kids
Have you ever thought about what dads really want? Some of us have dads who’ve pushed us hard over the years, maybe a little too hard. Others of us...

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 07/31/2019

Make The First Move
How's your relationship with your dad?  Have you cut him off emotionally waiting for him to make things right between you?  This week I am going to share with...

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 07/26/2019

MEN: What To Do When You've Messed Up
This week, I’ve got a special message for all the dads who feel they’ve blown it as a husband and a father. God wants to set you free—listen in for tips on how to recover and start anew!

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 07/06/2019

Blessing Of The Father with Guest Christina Williams Our Guest today is Pastor Christina Williams Author, Pastor, and Founder of Elevated To Excellence - an incredible organization impacting women around the world! It's amazing to see how God has transformed her story and I know that God wants to do the same for you. I have a daily devotional that I want to send you FREE, called "Time With My Father" go to my website #TransformYourStory

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 06/07/2019

How To Transform Your Relationship With Your Wife
So many men feel they don't know how to repair a relationship with a spouse or girlfriend. But with God as our Father, it's NEVER too late to transform your family story! I have also written a free daily devotional that you can sign up for here it's a VITAL resource for anyone serious about seeing God the Father transform their story.

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 05/31/2019

Fathers Day 2019
A special Fathers Day greeting from Pastor Ed Tandy McGlasson, founder of Blessing of the Father Ministries. It's NEVER too late for God to transform your story!

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 05/31/2019

Pastor Ed brings an Easter message that explores the true meaning and impact of Easter.

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 04/21/2019

What's REALLY holding you back? (POWERFUL VIDEO)
Have you ever felt like there was something you wanted to do, but just couldn’t quite make yourself do it? What does that mean if God said there is nothing impossible for you? Listen in today to find out!

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 04/15/2019

The Shocking Truth about Easter (POWERFUL)
My favorite Easter was the first time I realized what it meant that Jesus died and rose again for me. How are you celebrating? We’re talking about the impact of a risen Savior today on the blog and God’s gift for you!

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 04/03/2019

#THRIVINGFAMILIES: God's #1 Parenting Tool (HINT: It's NOT weak)
What parenting tools have you been using on your kids lately? Consequences, time-outs, corporal punishment? How’s that working out for you? Let’s look for a minute at Romans 2:4 to see God’s #1 parenting tool: “Or did you think that because he’s such a nice God, he’d let you off the hook? Better think this one through from the beginning. God is kind, but he’s not soft. In kindness he takes us firmly by the hand and leads us into a radical life-change.”

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 03/09/2019

FATHERWARDS: Why Is Forgiveness SO Difficult?
Struggling with forgiveness? Looking for more kindness in your life? Just plain feeling stuck? Today on the show we’re talking about how kindness and forgiveness are interrelated. You can’t have one without the other.

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 03/07/2019

THRIVING FAMILIES: How To Teach Your Kids Self Control!
“STOP YELLING!!” Kids: “YOU’RE YELLING AT ME!” **face palm** Have you been there? Join me today as we talk about how to move past the crazy

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 03/01/2019

How To Use Self Control in Your Love Life
Why would anyone want to use self-control? What if I told you the level you are able to use self-control in your own life directly affects the level to which you are able to enjoy fulfilling relationships? Listen in to today’s show to find out what I’m talking about!

Published on 02/27/2019

Teaching Your Kids That Love Doesn't Criticize (POWERFUL VIDEO)
What’s the number 1 biggest concern of parents of school-age children? FRIENDS! Finding them, being influenced by them, the list goes on. Want an easy way to teach your kids how to be discerning with friendships? Don’t miss today’s show!

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 02/23/2019

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