THRIVINGFAMILIES Episode #9: Where's My Family When I Need Them? (VIDEO)
Today we’re talking about how to be present and available to our kids. The idea of presence, meaning physically and emotionally present, is that your kids feel like you want to spend time without expectations. When I was a kid, my stepdad wasn’t around very much because he was away at sea in the military. When he was around, he was physically present, but his actions communicated something different to me than I think he intended. Our kids need to know that we love them no matter what – not just when they are ‘performing’ or ‘behaving’. “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8, ESV ) In today’s video, as always, I’m sharing tips to help your family thrive:

Published on 11/01/2018

Fatherwards Episode #9: Where's God When You Need Him?
Have you ever heard people say – “God is all around us, He’s always with us”? I’ve even heard people who aren’t Christian’s say that! But what about when you don’t FEEL His Presence with you? What about those moments when you really NEED Him to be present and you aren’t sure He’s there? What about those moments when you feel completely alone? I’ve found that in those moments, the generic answer, “God’s got this” or “God’s with you” just aren’t enough to heal my aching soul. God’s word promises that He is always present with us.

Published on 10/31/2018

Dear children, let’s not say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.” (1 John 3:18) Our world could use a little more love-in-action, don’t you think? What if we could teach that to our kids? How do we do that? I’m giving you tips on how I did this in my own family today – so glad you asked!

Published on 10/18/2018

Thriving Families Episode #6
I’M JUST KIDDING! How many times have you heard your kids say that to get away with something they should not have said? What would you give to change the mean joking and rude comments happening in your home? Today I’m sharing one simple solution to change your family culture.

Published on 10/11/2018

THRIVING FAMILIES Episode #5: Being Patient With Your Kids (It's Easier Than You Think!)
Today on ‘Thriving Families’ I’m talking about how you can be patient with your kids just like God is patient with you. It takes work, but it’s not impossible! #THRIVINGFAMILIES is my new weekly Christian Parenting show. It's NEVER too late for God to change your Family's story!

Published on 10/04/2018

Thriving Families Episode 4: The Astonishing Way I Protect My Family (VIDEO)
THRIVING FAMILIES EPISODE 4: How do you explain ‘the rules’ to your children? Are you in a blended family or a multi-home family where the rules seem to be different from parent to parent? Knowing the rules, following the rules and keeping them can be tough even for us as parents.

Published on 09/27/2018

Fatherwards Episode #4: The Unusual Way To Feel Fulfilled (VIDEO)
Fatherwards is my new weekly show helping people turn their hearts towards God our Father. It's NEVER too late for God to change your story! I want to see your life impacted the way mine has been. Today's show is The Unusual Way To Feel Fulfilled. #Fatherwards

Published on 09/25/2018

Thriving Families Episode 3: The Simple Way To Love Your Family
The latest episode of my new weekly Christian Parenting show - THRIVING FAMILIES! God wants your family to do more than survive - he wants your family to THRIVE!

Published on 09/20/2018

The Proven Way to a Happy Familiy
HERE IT IS! The second episode of my new weekly Christian Parenting show - THRIVING FAMILIES! God wants your family to do more than survive - he wants your family to THRIVE! * be sure to leave us your Christian parenting questions in the comments we can answer in the coming weeks. It's NEVER too late for God to change your family's story!

Published on 09/13/2018

Using Words That Reach Our Children
In our current political climate, how do you prepare your kids for the crazy world of social media? It’s an important time to look to the Bible, to the Word of God, to really see the state of the world and also of ourselves.

Published on 02/19/2018

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