Making 2018 Your Family's Best Year Ever

Can I ask you a question? How did your family do this past year? Have you seen the breakthrough you're looking for?

With everyone setting goals for the new year ahead for their health, finances, and relationships, I started thinking about what it might look like to set goals for your family? Family goal setting is a great way to pause for a moment to assess where the health of your family is at and what the future could look like for your family.

Here are some questions to ask yourself: Is my family living their best life now? Are their places in my family where we continually stumble and blunder? What are the needs of my family, with each member in mind? What would my spouse or my children say about our family needs? How is my family doing as a whole as it relates to living out the call of Christ on our lives?

Beloved, it's time to grab hold of the hope we have in Christ Jesus, in all His promises and in heaven and march on. God has a plan to heal your family. The key to setting goals for your family is to base your goals not merely on your ideals [ie. Family Goal: Be kind to one another, or Family Goal: Tell Betsy to get her act together], but to start with yourself, be specific and include how you will model this goal for your family. For example, you might have noticed in your assessment of yourself and your family, that there is a lot of bitterness and unforgiveness left over from past wounds. A family goal in this situation might be: Model forgiveness to Betsy through actions, words and both showing/receiving forgiveness. Make first steps towards reconciliation if necessary.

Beloved, God is not through with you and He is not through with your family. We have created a new website filled with videos and tools to help you no matter where you find yourself and your family today. You can have the family you've always wanted. Here are my takeaways for moving towards God's plan for your family in 2018:


1. Train your heart and mind to hear the voice of God by learning to listen to God's Word every day.


God gave us His Word to show us who He is, who we are and what He thinks about us and others. As we read His Word and believe it, it increases our capacity to believe His Word for ourselves and those around us. I have a new daily devotional that I wrote to help you hear God's Word for yourself. It's free and comes directly to your inbox six days a week!


2. Date your spouse once a week.


One of the best gifts to yourself is to nurture your relationship with your spouse. Weekly date nights will strengthen your love and affection for one another. Your relationship also affects your children. Your healthy relationship with your spouse provides them with the security they need to pursue God's calling on their lives.


3.  Play with your kids each week.


Kids love play time, even when they grow up.  I am so thankful for my wife Jill who taught me the importance of play as well as how to play with my family. It's more important than you realize.


4. Build a culture of love and forgiveness within your family.


Unforgiveness in a family will lead to bitterness which is very difficult to uproot. Do the work ahead of time by creating a safe place to forgive and love within your family. I recently wrote a blog post about this called, Breaking the Cycle of Family Bitterness.


5. Be a man or woman of blessing.


Spend time everyday thinking about the things you love about those in your family, and friends. Send an email, text message, a card, or a spoken blessing. My whole family changed when I started practicing this. 


Happy New Year, Beloved.  


Wouldn’t you like to hear the voice of the Heavenly Father the way Jesus did? I believe it was the single most important thing Jesus did every day because it kept Him centered on who He was and what He was called to do.

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Published on December 26, 2017.

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