How Should I Share My Faith With My Kids?

There is a big movement today in our western culture to let your kids decide who they are and what they believe. Many people are afraid to teach their kids anything substantial for fear of “brain-washing” their children, or for fear of their kids being labeled as “intolerant” because of their faith or beliefs.

Other parents feel they are inadequate to teach their kids about God or faith, and they leave it up to the church, hoping their kids will walk away with a firm grasp on faith and religion.

I read an article recently stating that suicide rates in America—in all groups, but especially among teens—has jumped up over the past 10 years. They attribute this jump in suicide rates largely to our children feeling a lack of purpose or meaning in their life.

You can begin to give your kids meaning and purpose in their lives by telling them who they are and what you love about them. If this is a new thing for you, start with what you know God thinks about them. They are loved, chosen, forgiven, and beautiful. In Christ, your kids have a calling and a purpose.

Here are some practical examples of how you can help your kids reconnect with God:


Be the example and live the life yourself.


The most powerful message your kids will ever hear or see is the life you live in front of them. Your life every day is a testimony of how you’ve been forgiven and redeemed by the blood of Christ. Remember, it’s not about being perfect, but about being in a relationship with the One who forgives you, breaks the power of shame, and gives you the power to live your life.


Tell them what God thinks about them by reading His Word.


Most kids that struggle with God are hurting in their view of who they are. They don’t understand what God thinks about them, or how He feels about them. This is often true of us as adults as well. Rather than just talking about what we think God’s word says about us, reading through it with your kids can be a powerful tool. Allowing them to see for themselves in the bible may just be the proof they need to believe that it’s true.


Connect them to the Jesus that you know.


I’m not talking about the Jesus that the preacher knows or that other people know, but the Jesus that you know. The greatest witness to your kids will be Christ living in you. Avoid preaching to them and making the gospel about who you want them to be. Open them to a life that is free from the guilt and shame of isolation and bad behavior.


Practice the discipline of listening.


Trying to answer the questions you THINK your kids are asking is a sure way to start an argument between you. Instead, ask your kids questions, and let them give you the answers. Ask them, “Help me understand…”

Teaching your children about God isn’t choosing God for your kids or deciding their futures. You can’t do that. Teaching your children about God is opening the door for them to meet with God personally.


Remember, the Father loves you and sent His Son to let you know!

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Published on March 28, 2018.

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