MOMS: How to Reconnect With a Lost Child
Moms! Do you have a child who’s walked away from the Lord, or from your family? Have you watched your kids struggle because of the absence of a father in their life, or a dad who’s pushed them too hard? Pastor Ed gives some advice on what you can do to reconnect with a lost child!

Published on 05/30/2018

MOMS: Words That Can Change Your Kids’ Lives
Moms, do you know how powerful your words are? Most of the moms that I know usually don’t feel like their words mean a whole lot. But that doesn’t mean that your words aren’t making a difference, or that your child isn’t listening. Your words have the power to change your kid’s future!

Published on 05/23/2018

MOMS: Helping Your Kids Find Their Way
Moms, you have more power to influence your kids than you may realize! Whether your kids are currently struggling through a hard time, or beginning their journey into adulthood, there are specific things that you can do as their mom to help them find their way.

Published on 05/16/2018

The Gift Your Mom REALLY Wants for Mother's Day
Are you having a hard time trying to find that perfect gift for your mom? It’s a secret that not many moms talk about. Join Pastor Ed as he offers some insight on what your mom really wants for Mother's Day!

Published on 05/09/2018

Forgiveness – The Key to Answered Prayers
Are there some people in your life that you need to extend forgiveness to? The Bible teaches that when we withhold forgiveness from others, we are actually hurting ourselves and hindering God from answering our prayers. Join Pastor Ed as he discusses how forgiveness is the key to answered prayers!

Published on 05/02/2018

Is Unforgiveness Hurting Your Children?
Have you noticed your children shutting down emotionally, isolating, overreacting, or being short tempered? Have you watched them struggle with their friends, siblings, or even in how they’re interacting with you? Join Pastor Ed as he discusses the tools needed to help your kids walk through forgiveness!

Published on 04/25/2018

Is Unforgiveness Hurting Your Marriage?
What do you do when you’ve been hurt by your spouse? Do you store it away? Do you talk about it? Or do you get a new hobby and hide out? How does your spouse respond when they’ve been hurt by you? Join Pastor Ed as he explains how you can keep unforgiveness from hurting your marriage!

Published on 04/18/2018

Forgiveness: The Key to a Happy Family
If there is one skill that is essential to having a healthy, happy family, it is learning how to forgive. Forgiveness will determine the future of your relationships with your spouse and your kids. This week, join Pastor Ed as he explains how forgiveness is the true key to a happy family!

Published on 04/11/2018

The Problem of Fatherlessness in America: It's Not Too Late
The issue of fatherlessness is nothing new in America. While the number of fatherless children today continues to grow at an alarming rate, the issue was present all the way back in the Old Testament of the bible. This week, join Pastor Ed as he offers his insight on the problem of fatherlessness!

Published on 04/04/2018

Special Easter Message from Ed Tandy McGlasson
Happy Easter! He has risen! Join Pastor Ed for this special Easter message as he discusses the significance of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Published on 03/30/2018

How Should I Share My Faith With My Kids?
There is a big movement today in our western culture to let your kids decide who they are and what they believe. Many parents are afraid to teach their kids about God or faith out of societal pressures or feelings of inadequacy. This week, join Pastor Ed as he gives some practical examples of how you can share your faith with your kids!

Published on 03/28/2018

Helping Your Kids Recapture the True Meaning of Easter
Would you like to share more of the true meaning of Easter with your kids, but just aren’t sure how? Join Pastor Ed as he discusses how you and your kids can reconnect with the true meaning of Easter!

Published on 03/21/2018

How To Be a Great Dad – Even If You Didn’t Have One Yourself
Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a great dad? Maybe you grew up without a father in your story—or with an emotionally absent father—so you always wondered if you’d have what it takes to be a dad yourself. Join Pastor Ed as he tells you how you can be a great dad even if you didn't have one yourself!

Published on 03/14/2018

Building a Loving Relationship with Your Wife
For most of us men, if you ask us the question, “How’s your marriage going?” we’d answer, “It’s fine.” But if you were to ask our wives that question, the answer might be different. Join Pastor Ed as he gives three tips for building a loving relationship with your wife.

Published on 03/07/2018

Finding the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted
Building a lasting relationship can be difficult. It is made even more difficult when you do not have the presence of a father who knows how to love and bless you. Join Pastor Ed this week as he talks about how you can find the relationship you've always wanted!

Published on 02/28/2018

Using Words That Reach Our Children
In our current political climate, how do you prepare your kids for the crazy world of social media? It’s an important time to look to the Bible, to the Word of God, to really see the state of the world and also of ourselves.

Published on 02/19/2018

Dealing with Loss by Leaning on God
“God has commissioned you to have a life of service, love, power and forgiveness.” Join Pastor Ed as he and Brian Holloway talk about how God can help us deal with the loss of a loved one.

Published on 02/12/2018

The Importance of Fathers in Families
There is alarming issue in the world today: so many people are dismissing the role of fathers as unimportant. Join Pastor Ed as he and Brian Holloway discuss the difference fathers make for a family.

Published on 02/06/2018

Our Responsibility as Fathers
You can only lead your kids where you’re willing to go yourself as a man. And willing to be able to listen to the voice of God and radically change and alter what you believe would be the right thing to do.

Published on 01/30/2018

How to Have a Conversation with Your Kids about Social Media
In parenting our kids, there are so many things for us to be worried about: grades, friends, safety, colleges, etc. But in our current climate, I find one of the biggest concerns for parents today is the world of social media.

Published on 01/24/2018

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