Setting Goals For Your Family's Best Year Ever
I love this time of year because it feels like everyone gets a fresh start, a fresh new lease on life. For those of you who love resolutions and goals, have you ever thought about setting goals for your family?

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 01/10/2018

Making 2018 Your Family's Best Year Ever
With everyone setting goals for the new year ahead for their health, finances, and relationships, I started thinking about what it might look like to set goals for your family? Family goal setting is a great way to pause for a moment to assess where the health of your family is at and what the future could look like for your family.

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 12/26/2017

Forgiveness - The Key to Healing Family Conflicts
Families can rise or fall based on how well they handle conflict and hurt. Without the tools of forgiveness, bitterness can destroy our families. The only way to break the cycle of bitterness is to build a culture of forgiveness in our lives – a lesson worth remembering during the holidays.

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 12/13/2017

Parenting Your Kids to A Blessed Life
Have you ever tried to build something without reading the directions? I have, and it never seems to work right does it? The directions for who you are and what you are called to do are realized when you are able to hear from God and follow Him.

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 11/23/2017

Can A Single Mom Father Her Children? The Answer May Surprise You
I had a wonderful time a few weeks back being on Laura Ingraham’s radio show, “The In-graham Angle”. During our show, I learned that Laura was a single mother. She expressed during our show that it’s hard to be a single mom. This got me thinking about all the other single moms out there.

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 11/09/2017

The Power of Forgiveness For Reconnecting with Your Children
Last week, we learned about how to “stand as a father” by forgiving your dad, as well as the power and healing that happens in our life when we show mercy and forgive those who have hurt us.

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 10/24/2017

It's Never Too Late For a Father to Connect with His Kids
I believe that even with the intervention of God the Father in our life, most of us will repeat the broken patterns of our fathers. Even though I try to be the best dad I can, I know there is no such thing as a perfect father.

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 10/06/2017

What Does a Dad Want on Father’s Day?
Often, as Father’s Day approaches, we think to ourselves: “What would Dad want for Father’s Day?” So instead of yet another coffee mug, what gifts can we give our dads on Father’s Day?

Written by Blessing of the Father Team, Published on 06/19/2017

Keys to Giving Your Daughter Away
The news is out... Mary, my favorite youngest daughter is now a married woman!

Written by Ed Tandy McGlasson, Published on 08/03/2016

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